who are you?

I'm Andrew Adamson. I'm presently working at TSN.ca, Canada's Sports Leader. I'm technical team lead, which means that a small team of programmers and designers make me look very, very good without me doing a whole lot in return. To date, there has been no successful attempt to fire me..

what the hell is that up there?

It's a Japanese wind chime. The Japanese call it a furin (風鈴). Or at least it is a representation of a furin in Macromedia Flash. While these kinds of wind chimes can be found year-round nearly everywhere in North America, in Japan it has a particularly strong association with summer. In the southern-most islands of Okinawa, where the winters are most gentle and the summers longest, beautiful hand-blown glass furin can be heard everywhere.

why do you have one?

I think it looks pretty and I wrote it myself.

While I work in several web-based languages, my primary language of interest is Flash ActionScript. The translucent "FX" paper in the Flash animation above is created and manipulated entirely in ActionScript. An array of 37 three-dimensional points comprise the paper itself. These points are "spun" in 3-D space using a method called quaternion transformation. This is a fairly simple but sophisticated (and you may have noticed, CPU-intensive) algorithm that has a peculiar side-effect of quickly twisting points around a three-dimensional axis. Three separate transformations are in play above: one that spins the paper down its centre axis, one that rotates the paper from its string and a third that gives the paper a slight wobble when the wind rises above a certain threshold. The degree of transformation is controlled by a pair of sinusoidal functions that simulate a gentle breeze.

you got something for Japan or what?

Yep. I lived in Japan for nearly five years and as my friends can readily attest, it’s rare for me to go more than an hour without saying something complimentary about Japan or withering about the country where I live now, Canada. I’ve been told it is extremely annoying, but I have a hard time taking my critics seriously. They are Canadian, after all, and know little better, coming as they do from a country better equipped with Quonset huts and slush than any other place on Earth.

where’s the rest of your site?

This is it. At present, I use FatFX.com almost exclusively now for email. I often use it to temporarily stage freelance projects or to store files for clients. As I complete interesting projects, I might add a link or two here. But I’m happy with what I got.

seriously, where’s your portfolio?

If I do freelance work at all any more, I do it primarily for friends. If you want a copy of my resumé or if you want to contact me about anything else, please drop me a line at andrew plus the url of this site. By the way, if you had JavaScript on right now, you'd be able to click on my email address directly, rather than reading this. Plus this page has some pretty buff effect courtesy of Moo.FX.